Instructor led virtual training courses

 Adityam Dutta
Adityam Dutta Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Eng.
Course Name:
  1. Insights into field-based implementations of EOR screening in mature O&G fields.
 Alexandre Lopes Coelho
Alexandre Lopes Coelho Senior Exploration Geologist/Geophysicist
Course Name:
  1. Exploration geology workflow for a basin evaluation
  2. Fundamentals of Seismic Interpretation
Anne McDougall
Anne McDougall Trainer, Author and Motivational Speaker
Course Name:
  1. Executive secretary
  2. Customer service program
Darshana Thakkar
Darshana Thakkar Expert in Transformation, Cost reduction, and Utilization of resources
Course Name:
  1. Automation and digital transformation in micro and small enterprise.
 Kabidas Mandal
Kabidas Mandal Process Engineer / Senior Process Engineer
Course Name:
  1. Energy conservation in Oil industry.
 Mahmoud Farag Radwan
Mahmoud Farag Radwan Subsurface & Integrity Operations Dept. Head at AMAL Petroleum Company (AMAPETCO)
Course Name:
  1. Basic wireline operations.
  2. Fishing Operations Workshop
 Mohamed Ameen Abdel Ghani Saad
Mohamed Ameen AbdelSenior Reservoir Engineer at General Petroleum Company (GPC)
Course Name:
  1. Reservoir management and field development planning.
 Mahmoud Atalla Ali Habib
Mahmoud Atalla Ali Habib Freelancer instructor for Well Intervention Operation
Course Name:
  1. Wireline operation and well control.
 Mohamed Sobhi Ibrahim Elsayed
Mohamed Sobhi Ibrahim Elsayed Drilling Engineer and Rig Supervisor
Course Name:
  1. Well head.
 Muneer Valappil
Muneer ValappilSenior Finance Professional
Course Name:
  1. Cost management in Oil & Gas.